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Ecological Health

Mississippi Valley Conservancy works hard to protect our area’s biodiversity and to restore our native natural communities and ecosystems.Some of the rarest natural communities in the world exist right here in the blufflands region of the upper Mississippi River valley. Just how rare are these natural communities?

Only 1/100thof one percent of the original oak savanna of Wisconsin remains in existence; and only about one percent of the original expanse of prairie survives today. These fire-dependent communities have been devastated by a combination of residential and commercial development, modern agriculture, the removal of wildfire from the landscape, and the introduction of non-native plant species.

We still have an opportunity to save these natural communities—and the species that thrive within them. By focusing our efforts on building up larger blocks of neighboring habitat, we’re able to slowly expand the remnants of these landscapes that once graced our beautiful Mississippi River Valley.

Join Mississippi Valley Conservancy in protecting the ecological health of southwestern Wisconsin.



Controlled prairie burn
Controlled burn on Holland Sand Prairie

Prairie  flower