Naturehood Connections

Connect in caring for your local nature preserve

Here's an easy and flexible way for anyone help make local nature preserves flourish. Your participation builds habitat  resilience and protects biodiversity in a time of changing climate conditions.

We know people want to help. We also know how challenging scheduling can be. That's why we created Naturehood Connections – a family-friendly DIY volunteer program that offers tools, training, and activities for those who want to help when it works for them. It also includes kid's activities for those who might want or need to bring young helpers along.

This community conservation project is made possible by funding from La Crosse Community Foundation and Xcel Energy Foundation.

How it works

Beginning on May 20, 2022, the program will focus on habitat restoration at the Savanna Oaks section of Onalaska's Greens Coulee Park. There we will offer:

  • A locked box of tools, instructions, and kid's activities will be placed at the Savannah Oaks trail head for volunteer access at any time. Just sign up to get the lock combination.
  • Optional brief orientation sessions for grown-ups at each location to help those who might want some tips before getting started. Sign up below.
  • Volunteer work parties from 9:30-Noon every Friday from June 3-August 26. Interns will be on site to provide assistance and answer questions. Let us know if you plan to attend by sending an email.

The toolbox is ready for you to use anytime!

Beginning on May 20, 2022, the toolbox will be placed at the Savannah Oaks trail head (see number 1 on map). When you sign up for toolbox access, we'll send you the lock combination (after May 20) and you will have 24/7 access to the toolbox. Sign up below to receive details and updates.

Tool Box Access

If you can't make a training session, but want to get started on your own, we'll need you to sign up below so we can get the lock combination, toolbox location, and parking details to you.

Please do your best to keep the box and everything in it clean, organized, and in good shape, and don’t forget to lock the box EVERY time you leave it (that includes while hiking or working at the preserve). All the cleaning supplies you should need are included in the box. In the toolbox, there is a white binder that contains all the information you will need to have a wonderful Naturehood Connections experience, so be sure to look through that before you gather tools and go to work. At the end of your time volunteering, please sign the volunteer logbook in the first section of the binder and share your experience with us on the provided sheets. Please contact Siena Muehlfeld by email or at or call (608) 784-3606, ext 6, if you have any problems with the box or if you see anything concerning. 

Naturehood Connections Updates
To receive updates about Naturehood Connections as it moves from one nature preserve to the next, sign up below and check the box for Naturehood Connections Program Updates.

What to bring

Sturdy close-toed footwear, weather-appropriate field clothes (including long pants and long sleeves), hat/ball cap, bug spray (apply to socks, lower legs, and pant bottoms for tick protection), sunscreen, safety glasses (optional). Bring your own work gloves if you’d prefer to wear your own (there are also some of these in the box). High-visibility hat and vest during hunting season (see above). 

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