Education & Outreach

Students and educators

We offer numerous opportunities to involve students from elementary through college-age in conservation. These young people can learn the benefits of protecting and restoring nature while having fun and contributing to our mission. We also provide opportunities for the whole family to enjoy nature together. Join us in one of our outdoor classrooms or take a hike on one of the trails we maintain. Educators, connect your kids to nature for a rewarding experience. Contact Carol Abrahamzon at 608 784-3606 ext. 4 to learn more about our educational programs and opportunities.

Acorns to Oaks environmental education program

Research shows that a healthy natural environment contributes to a strong community life. Youth who experience environmental education show increased achievement scores in school.  Engaging youth in interactive, instructional activities enhances learning and recall, and offers physical activity to address the ever-rising obesity levels cited as a key health issue in children. Mississippi Valley Conservancy addresses the need for a healthy natural environment by providing approximately 4,000 acres of natural lands for people of all ages to enjoy. The Acorns to Oaks program offers the opportunity for school children to visit these protected properties where they can exercise, learn, and begin to find value in their environment. To schedule an outing with your youth group or school group, call 608 784-3606.

We thank Xcel Energy for their support of our Acorns to Oaks program in 2018-2019.