"Mysteries of the Driftless" DVD — Emmy winner

The following pricing schedule for DVDs and public/educational screenings has been instituted:

  • $150/DVD for a public screening (not including a public speaking fee or mileage costs for a personal appearance by one or more of the filmmakers. The $150 is for the DVD and one-time public screening license only.)
  • $90/DVD for colleges and universities (allows unlimited screenings to students and faculty of that institution)
  • $50/DVD for K-12 schools, nonprofits and public libraries
  • $20/DVD for individual (home) use

We reserve the right to sell DVDs to attendees at all public screenings.

S/H is based on $5.95 for one DVD and additional charges for multiple shipments.

To place an order, call 608 784-3606, ext. 1.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards.


"Seven Summers with Peregrines" by Jean C. Beyer Ruhser and Gary G. Ruhser

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