The threat of climate change

It's now the biggest threat to the wildlife, land, and water we all depend upon, right here in the Driftless Area.

And we know that together, we can slow it down and strategically help wildlife and communities adapt.

Given our pledge to conserve land and water for generations to come, this is a threat that we can all come together around for the future of the lands and waters and the people we love.

  • We will need to be creative. Responsive. And Resourceful. The good news is that we are already using natural climate solutions, such as woodlands, prairies, wetlands and farmlands to help soak up carbon pollution. But we need to do more.
  • We’ll need to increase our collective efforts to conserve, and restore, important lands to help absorb more climate-warming gases.
  • We’ll have to incorporate energy conservation into our state and country’s strategies; if we reduce energy demand, we will need less land to produce it. It will also help save our municipalities and community members money and reduce health-risks from extreme weather.
  • We must embrace thoughtfully designed and sited renewable energy to transition off fossil fuels, the primary drivers of climate change today. Renewable energy can, and should, enhance pollinator habitat and/or farmland viability and water quality.

That’s why you’re so important.

We need you to help create the change. Together let’s ensure our heritage, way of life, and economic foundation continues in a manner that embraces the changes we need to live, work, and play in harmony with nature and the lands we love.

conserved land protects water and climate

Climate Action Plan

Saving what we cherish, together.
We invite you to view Mississippi Valley Conservancy's Climate Action Plan. It gives greater context to the conservation work we've been doing for 24 years, and it spells out our climate-related priorities as well as opportunities for you to get involved.