Donate real estate

Giving your land or home to Mississippi Valley Conservancy is among the most generous legacies you can leave. While donated conservation land can support our mission directly, we also accept houses and other real-estate that we can sell and use the proceeds for future land protection.

Did you know that you can donate land and continue to live on it?

Sometimes people who donate land reserve the right to use and enjoy the property during their lifetimes. This is known as a reserved life estate. Doing this allows you to take an income tax deduction now and ensures that we will automatically receive the land upon your death, without the delay and expense of probate. 

Please reach out to Carol Abrahamzon if you would like to learn more about how you can donate land and continue to live there.

The benefits of donating land

Gifts of land have significant tax benefits. You can receive an income tax deduction for up to the fair market value and you’ll pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.

The land that people give to us falls into two categories:

  • Land that is a candidate for conservation: This includes larger properties with important conservation values, or special natural or cultural features.
  • Land that we will sell to fund our future work: This could include smaller parcels, house lots or houses, apartment buildings, strip malls, really anything that we can sell.

Contact Carol, to find out which category we feel your property will fall into.