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Your voice is needed to protect land, water, wildlife, and farmlands for the health and well-being of all who live in Wisconsin's Driftless Area, and beyond.

La Crosse Blufflands

UPDATE: Protection of state funded lands is threatened

The Knowles-Nelson land sale bill has now been introduced in the Assembly as AB 852. The language is identical to the Senate bill. The Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation will hold a hearing on the bill on Wednesday, February 2 at 10:00 AM (417 North, GAR Hall).

solar panels with grazing at Sinsinawa Mound

Show your support for climate action

Extreme weather is hitting Wisconsin hard: severe flooding events, drought plaguing our farmers, and heatwaves are threatening public health. We have the opportunity for bold climate action, and Rep. Ron Kind will be instrumental in making climate a federal priority. Add your name to show support for climate action!

Spirit Beauties at Shird Farm

It's time to pass the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act

The federal conservation easement tax incentive is a crucial land conservation tool. Unfortunately, a few bad actors are putting it at risk by making large profits at the expense of American taxpayers. Fortunately, Congress has introduced simple, smart and effective legislation to halt the abuse — the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act (S. 2256 / H.R. 4164).

For landowners, donating a conservation easement is a way to protect places they love. It’s also a major financial decision. When landowners donate a conservation easement, they give up part of the value of their property — often their family’s biggest asset. Tax incentives offset some of that loss in property value, making conservation a viable option for more landowners. Learn more about the income tax incentive for land conservation.

While the vast majority of these donations are truly charitable endeavors, a few bad actors are exploiting the incentive to make fast — and often staggeringly outsized — profits for investors. Simply put, these bad actors are engaged in profiteering. And their gains come at taxpayer expense. Learn more about the the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act (S. 2256 / H.R. 4164).

Email your Congressional Delegation

Reach out to your members of Congress and request they co-sponsor and urge congressional leadership to pass the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act (S. 2256 / H.R. 4164). 

La Crosse County farmland

Speak up to protect farmland

La Crosse county has begun work to update its comprehensive plan and the issues it will address will be those faced one way or another by the rest of the region as well. "ENVISION 2050 will guide La Crosse County’s budgets, land use and natural resource policies, and general direction for the next generation and beyond," according to the county website.

La Crosse County invites public participation throughout the process. An initial survey for public input is available now.