Things You Can Do Today

The seasons are changing!

In a time when extra health precautions are essential, we’ve provided the following list of suggestions we hope might inspire you to get outdoors for some fresh air and stress relief. All the suggested activities on this page can be done with physical distancing for you and your family.


Hiking responsibly during the COVID-19 Pandemic

#1 RULE: Always, always practice physical distancing and follow the guidelines of your local government or the federal Centers for Disease Control CDC, whichever are more restrictive. These guidelines provided by the American Hiking Society provide some important considerations for planning outdoor activities and visiting parks and preserves.

When planning to visit a nature preserve, consider a back-up plan in the event that you would arrive at your destination to find a crowded parking lot – an indication that might suggest a problem with social distancing. Hiking at non-peak hours is also a consideration for social distancing.


Things you can do at the nature preserves

Grab your binoculars, camera, or sketch pad and go out to witness the return of migrating birds, budding branches, and the earliest flowers of spring. It’s all happening now in the nature preserves our members have protected.

Any trip away from your home requires careful planning to protect yourself and your community from the novel coronavirus. Be sure to take necessary precautions.

Find Nature's Treasures

Become a trail steward 

Become a clean-up champion 

Submit bird sightings 

Become a citizen scientist for monarchs

Forage for mushrooms

Try a winter hike with snowshoes


Things you can do in your backyard

If staying closer to home is called for, there are plenty of ways to tune into nature from your backyard or even your kitchen window.

Share the sights of the season 

Keep a journal of “firsts” 

Submit bird sightings 

Provide native habitat on your property 

Build a bat house

Become a citizen scientist for monarchs