Create a Will

Creating a will can support the land and waters you care about today, well into the future.

Did you know that nearly 70% of American adults don't have a legal will?

To make it easier for supporters of protecting land and water in Wisconsin's Driftless Area, we recommend the free tools offered by FreeWill to provide an online will-writing tool. It takes 20 minutes or less to complete – and it's free to use.

Estate planning is an easy way to support your future and the future of southwest Wisconsin's most beautiful natural treasures. You can use your estate plan to create a legacy gift that supports protection of the bluffs, forests, prairies, wetlands, streams, wildlife, and farmlands that make this place unique – for today and for the future.

How FreeWill works

  1. Fill out online

    Just follow the step-by-step instructions to fill out the necessary information for your forms. You won't see Mississippi Valley Conservancy on the list of beneficiaries, but you can simply type it in on the list where you are asked to choose beneficiaries.

  2. Print out documents

    The information you provided is turned into precise legal language, and provided back to you as a printable document.

  3. Sign and keep safe

    Follow FreeWill's instructions to print, sign, and make your document official. Signing of a will must be notarized and witnessed by two people, and Mississippi Valley Conservancy is happy to help with this. Just call Carol if we can help in this way (608) 784-3606 ext 4. Then keep your will somewhere safe, but accessible.