Stewardship Circle Bequest Challenge

$1,000 match will be donated when you sign up

You have an amazing opportunity to expand the work of protecting, caring for, and restoring our unique and beautiful Driftless Area for the benefit of everyone. With the help of long-time conservation partners like you, nearly 24,000 acres of prairies, forests, wetlands, streams, and farm land, are being cared for and restored for birds, bees, turtles, and future generations.

But this isn’t enough.

To prevent loss of land our furry and feathered friends depend on for shelter and food, and tackle the effects of climate change, together, we must protect more land and care for it in a way that builds resilience for the plants and animals that depend on the land to survive.

To help ensure food and shelter will be here for plants and animals, as well as for generations to come, we invite you to join our Stewardship Circle. The Stewardship Circle consists of a very special group of land conservation supporters who’ve made a lasting promise to the land through a number of estate-planning tools, including gifts in a will or trust, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, IRA designations or gifts of life insurance or land. 

Right now, you can increase your gift and pledge to land protection in the Driftless Area for today and tomorrow through the Stewardship Circle Bequest Challenge.

Two generous couples have created a grant of $30,000, of which $1,000 will be added to our working funds for every new Stewardship Circle member. This means your future commitment to saving land can help right now!

Thanks to this challenge grant, if you join Mississippi Valley Conservancy’s Stewardship Circle by including the Conservancy in your will or estate plan today, a donation of $1,000 will be made to the Conservancy in your honor ­­­­­­­­­---- right now.


For more information or to participate in the Stewardship Circle Bequest Challenge, please contact Carol Abrahamzon at 608-784-3606 ext. 4 or by email.

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The Stewardship Circle

The Stewardship Circle is a special group of land conservancy supporters who have made a lasting commitment to land protection through a variety of estate planning tools. When you make a planned gift, $1,000 will be donated to Mississippi Valley Conservancy in your honor from the Stewardship Circle Bequest Challenge Grant.