Half-hour bird count at Holland Sand Prairie

chipping sparrow

Janet Williams, a Conservancy supporter, reported seeing 14 bird species on a half-hour walk at Holland Sand Prairie this week. See her list below. Note that she used the free eBird app to record her sightings.

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Holland Sand Prairie SNA

Apr 19, 2022

5:31 PM


0.56 miles

25 Minutes

All birds reported? Yes

Comments: Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 2.13.0 Build 2.13.12


3 Mourning Dove

1 Eastern Phoebe

1 Blue Jay

1 American Crow

1 Brown Thrasher

2 Eastern Bluebird

5 American Robin

7 House Sparrow

1 House Finch

2 Chipping Sparrow

2 Field Sparrow

2 White-crowned Sparrow

2 Song Sparrow

2 Northern Cardinal


Number of Taxa: 14


Photo of chipping sparrow courtesy of Allen Blake Sheldon.